Large and small companies alike need technology to operate. As reliance on IT grows every year, the means to support it must evolve as well. Unfortunately, many businesses may not have the resources to manage ever-growing networks. Small IT teams can become overwhelmed with keeping everything up-to-date and running well.

And without an IT person at all, small issues often fall on whoever in the office is best with technology!

It is so easy to fall behind with important things such as backups, patches, updates, and security. This increases the odds that you’ll face an IT outage or other huge issue that will affect your business. Imagine if your entire email server, customer relationship management system, financial setup, or network went down. You would likely face substantial productivity and revenue losses. Employees unable to do their jobs, and everyone scrambling to fix these major issues. It’s a huge detriment to any company. Managed service prevents these situations.

Managed services also create a change in the way a business deals with its technology. Break-fix repair relies on waiting until critical devices fail, then rushing to fix them as the company suffers. A business operating under managed services, however, focuses on prevention rather than reaction.

In today’s business environment, no one can afford the risk that comes with reactive maintenance. Organizations are dependent on having a reliable IT system.

Furthermore, having many vendors responsible for different parts of your system puts you in the difficult position of figuring out which to contact when needed. Business owners do not have time for this!

With traditional repair, the only way for an IT support company to make money is if something goes wrong for you. This is a double-edged sword. If they do the job too well, they will go out of business, which happens to about 80% of all small IT firms.

So many IT companies are promoting managed service because it puts us on the same page as your business. We partner with our clients to become their complete IT department. Service providers become invested in your success – a win-win situation for all.

Managed IT Service Costs