Scalable hosting for all workloads

The fundamental advantage of AWS over traditional data center hosting is its (almost) unlimited scalability.

Instead of a fixed commitment that often lasts several years, the flexible combination of usage-based on-demand instances for temporary computing power and price-reduced reserved instances for on-demand workloads takes the place of a fixed commitment.

With more than a decade of experience and in the operation of (web) infrastructures, we create for you the optimal combination of on-premise services and the various cloud providers.

As a certified AWS Consulting Partner and with our certified team of AWS Solution Architects we guarantee expert knowledge for your hosting project.

The AWS cloud today consists of twelve regions worldwide. AWS offers customers unprecedented opportunities: both data protection, and the use of cloud resources in all important economic regions of the world. Of course, the customer decides where the processing of his data takes place.

Safety is important
The prejudice that the cloud is less secure than on-premise infrastructures is one thing above all else: wrong. AWS has a shared responsibility for this: The cloud operator – AWS – ensures the security of the cloud itself, which has been proven by a large number of certifications. Customer ensures the security of its applications and data in the cloud, for which AWS provides comprehensive and easy-to-configure security services.

Much more than pure computing capacity
In addition to virtual machine computing power, AWS offers a variety of advanced services: High Availability Databases (RDS), Object Storage (S3), Search Services (ElasticSearch and CloudSearch), PaaS for Web Applications (Elastic Beanstalk) are just a few examples of services that are available can be used today to build flexible and cost-effective web applications.