Hosting and maintaining in-house servers requires a lot of space, hardware investment and staff. Not every business has the size or resources to deploy such servers, and that is where our managed hosting service saves the day.

At RMTDATA we provide managed dedicated server hosting to help businesses enjoy the facilities of a fully functional server, without the need for in-house hardware, or the  resources needed to maintain it. We provide  a dedicated server that is hosted and managed by us, so you don’t have to worry about floor space, staff or performance, so that your business processes are always available.

Our Managed Hosting Facilities in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Kelowna and Kamloops takes the heavy burden off your IT team, giving them the freedom to invest their time in strategy and innovation. Our managed servers are maintained by industry best professionals, so you don’t have to worry about downtime or managing capacities anymore. We ensure that your servers are up and running 24/7/365, with minimum downtime, backed up files, and the fastest performance.

Looking to host heavy websites, apps and databases, but worried about your server capacity? Leave it our team of specialists to deliver you the best managed hosting service, backed with readily available support and over 20 years experience of satisfied clients. Whether your business needs a dedicated Managed Hosting or Colocation Hosting, we are here to advise and aid you in every step of the way.Managed Dedicated Hosting Miami

Dedicated servers are expensive, and not really needed for small or medium-sized businesses. Growing businesses look for hosting solutions that are economic, flexible and yet provide them with all the capacity they need. Colocation hosting provides businesses with a rental server option that address all these needs and more.

At RMTDATA, we provide colocation hosting in Tier One Data Centers to provide businesses with a centralized, cost effective and efficient server management solution that is easily scalable as the business or needs ebb and flow. Our datacenter hosts all the devices and hardware, giving you the option to rent capacity, storage, bandwidth and virtual infrastructure at a clearly communicated monthly cost. We maintain and monitor the backend complexities of your server, while you get access to all the capacity you need.

Our Colocation hosting gives you the following benefits:

  • Predictable expenditure model
  • Scalable at need
  • Space, power and cooling management
  • Experienced professionals managing your data center facility
  • Advanced security
  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery solutions

Leave it up to our team of experts to provide you the best and most cost effective server solution.

We are not here to just sell you a service, we are here to consult and guide you to the best solutions for your business. We will help you understand if a dedicated server is the your best option, or a cloud hosting solution. Based on your needs, resources and plans for future growth, our experts will give you a comprehensive server hosting solution.Colocation Hosting Miami

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